September 18, 2016

Information for Parents

How it works..

Babysitters on Demand uses a collaborative approach to ensure both our families and sitters/nannies are in love with their placements, be it a one off babysitter or a full time nanny.

We have an initial consultation (on the phone, via our survey/email or in person) with the family to figure out what care they require. We will ask about the family about their children, their schedule, and other important information relevant to the position.

Once families begin a search with us, we will send them profiles of available sitters that include the sitter’s experience, education, and special abilities. They then let us know which sitters and nannies impressed them, and we will book them in.

If seeking a nanny, we set up interviews and trials with the care providers. We will help families through every step, including assisting with salary negotiation and creating a work agreement that helps outline the expectations of the job.



Babysitters on Demand Services

Babysitters on Demand provides individual, personalised care with individualised attention on each of your children, whilst also making sure that that the family routines remain undisturbed.



For regular placements, we strive to provide our clients with a reliable and established setting for the children. We try to send the same carer as much as possible – it is possible you may become a regular sitter for a family. This allows you, the children and the parents to be comfortable and with familiar people. Regardless of the situation, we will find the best possible babysitter for the family.

Why Babysitters on Demand?

We know that there are many different agencies out there and it is hard to know which one to use! By using Babysitters on Demand, you get access to the highest calibre of sitters and nannies who are truly excited to work with your children.

Our sitters and nannies are rigorously screened and interviewed, references are checked, education is verified, and a thorough background check is completed. Our sitters often bring years of teaching/tutoring, camp counselling, therapeutic, or arts education experience with them.

We also offer on-going support to our sitters, as well as opportunities for them to learn new skill sets. We understand how challenging it is to find someone who you feel safe leaving your kids with, and we are here for you through every step of the process.

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