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Management Team

Lia Ursich | Director & Operations

Lia is the accomplished Founder and Operations Manager of Babysitters on Demand, a premier childcare agency catering to busy parents. With over 18 years of experience in the childcare and community sectors, Lia possesses a wealth of knowledge and skills that have proven invaluable to her clients.

Lia’s extensive qualifications include diplomas in Children Services and Community Services, as well as practical experience in both regional and metropolitan daycare centers. Furthermore, her exceptional business acumen, honed over a decade of experience in administration, management, and marketing, has allowed her to create a robust foundation for Babysitters on Demand.

At Babysitters on Demand, Lia and her team are dedicated to providing exceptional childcare services that meet the unique needs of modern families. Whether you need a reliable nanny for your infant or a trustworthy sitter for your school-age child, Babysitters on Demand has got you covered.

So, if you’re a busy parent in need of high-quality childcare services, look no further than Babysitters on Demand. With Lia and her team at the helm, you can rest assured that your child is in safe and capable hands.

Chris Fenton, Administrator

Chris Fenton | Admin, HR & Marketing Support

Chris is an accomplished administrator with extensive experience in administrative and government roles as well as most recently running her own small business. She understands the importance of supporting others in life and work and is ready to provide that support in her role with Babysitters on Demand.

Babysitter & Nanny Team

Babysitter | Sharni

I’m Sharni, a dedicated childcare professional since 2002. With extensive experience, I have a knack for effortlessly lulling even the most stubborn little ones to sleep.

Over the past two decades, I’ve honed my skills in caring for children of all ages. I organise creative activities, educational games, and engaging indoor/outdoor play. I also take children on exciting outings to the zoo, museum, or swimming adventures. I’m well-versed in answering their curious questions about superheroes, marine life, and fun topics like being made of watermelon.

Collaborating closely with parents, I prioritise children’s growth and social development, providing tailored attention and age-appropriate activities.

Empathy and kindness are my foundations in childcare. I create a warm and nurturing environment, fostering a love for reading and imaginative play.

When not working, I enjoy reading, the beach, and spending time with my bossy cat!

If you’re seeking a reliable and engaging babysitter, contact us today. Let’s discuss how Sharni can bring calm and joy to your family’s life.

Babysitter | Hayley

Hi my name is Hayley. I have a certificate IV in Education support and am in my first year at Curtin University for Primary School teaching.

I currently work part time while I study at a a childcare centre which lead to my love of taking care of children. I have worked with kids as young as 1-3 but also have done work in a school with kids as old as 10.

I have also worked with children who have special needs or learning difficulties during my time as an Education Assistant.

As a babysitter I enjoy building relationships with the children and parents, learning what the kids enjoy and also learning how the parents raise their children so I can adapt to that.

I enjoy doing fun activities with the kids such as making play dough, decorating cookies, hide and seek, puzzles, reading, colouring and watching a movie, if TV is allowed. I can also do school pick ups and help out with after school homework or assignments.

In my spare time I enjoy reading, painting, spending time with family and friends, shopping and a new hobby of mine is cooking.

I look forward to meeting you and your family!

Babysitter | Latifa

Hi, I am Latifa. I have a deep passion for working with children and lots of experience with ages 3-6. I’m quick to adapt to new situations and I am happy to work with children of all ages.

I really enjoy being around children and I am interested in pursuing a career in teaching English to young learners.

I’ve worked as a nanny for a young boy with autism in Croatia, where my mother now resides. He had learning difficulties and I learnt a lot of new skills from my time with him.

Besides my love for working with children, I’m into sports, adore animals, and I enjoy being in nature.

I’m excited about the opportunity to bring my enthusiasm and caring nature to babysitting jobs. I’m confident in creating a positive and fun environment for children, ensuring their well-being and happiness.

If you’re seeking an enthusiastic and reliable babysitter, contact us today. Let’s discuss how Latifa can be of service to your family.

Babysitter | Deborah

I am a mature Babysitter, Education Assistant and mother of twin boys.

I have a firm but fair approach and enjoy looking after and interacting with children of all ages.

My hobbies are reading, going for long walks, spending time with friends and volunteering.

I prefer work north of the river or happy to travel up to 30 minutes.

Babysitter | MoeMoe

My name is MoeMoe. I live in Brabham and am happily married with 2 kids: Thomas (5) and Isabelle (1). My hobbies include goin to the beach, movies and spending time with my family.

I have worked as a Childcare Educator for the last 10 years and I have been involved in different roles, including meal preparatoin. I like to work with families to create supportive relationships focused on each child’s learning, development and well-being.

I am used to children from different ages and backgrounds and children with disabilities. I am also detail-oriented, efficient and well organised and am great a multi-tasking.

Babysitter | Stella

My name is Stella Nakayiwa. I am an Education support worker, working with both primary and high school students. I also work in a vacation care centre and daycare during school holidays. I am a children Christian teacher.

I have worked with children for over 10 years and I have 4 years experience working with children with additional needs and those with diverse background.

I am a mother myself and often babysit for my daughter’s friends and family. I love that I can help support other parents by caring for their children while they do what they need to and also offer many great learning experiences to them, as I learn from them as well.

I have a playful and happy kind of nature. I love to chat, play games and dance with children. I have a degree in ARTS, Certificate in Education Support and enrolled in a Masters of Education as of February 2024.

If Stella sounds like a good fit for your family, contact us today to discuss your childcare needs.

Babysitter | Kerry

My name is Kerry, and I’ve been working in the Childcare industry for over 10 years now, gaining my Diploma of Early Childhood Education through completing a traineeship. I am now studying a Bachelor of Commerce at UWA while still working part time in the Childcare industry.

I believe working in childcare is a profound commitment to nurturing the future. It is a philosophy built upon the belief that the early years of a childs life are a critical foundation for their development.

By fostering a safe, supportive and educational environment, I aim to shape not only young minds but also their characters. Every interaction, every lesson and every smile contributes to the shaping of tomorrows compassionate, capable adults.

In childcare, I find purpose in helping children explore their curiosity, and imparting values that promote a brighter, more harmonious world.

Babysitter | Shannen

My babysitting style is being a fun babysitter.

My hobbies are singing, karaoke, concerts, festivals, movies, tv, music and bowling.

My favourite thing about babysitting is watching the kids grow.

I have a Cert 3 in Early Childhood Education and Care.

Babysitter | Gracie

Hi, my name is Gracie. I am currently enrolled at ECU for nursing and have completed a primary and secondary education.

I have experience working with children as I worked at Wool and Thimble School Of Early Learning since April of 2022 and I have done odd babysitting jobs for a few families.

I hold a green p plate license and have my own car. I have also completed Certificates III and IV in Preparation For Health and Nursing Studies.

I love to play with the children, doing what they love. My hobbies include singing and painting.

Babysitter | Ella

Hello my name is Ella and I am 17 years of age. I am currenly in year 11 at Greenwood College.

Ever since being a young girl I’ve always been OBSESSED with babies and children. I was always that one person at parties, gatherings and family events looking after and playing with all the little ones.

My step Nan is a foster carer and always has the most beautiful young kids and babies. I am always with them, looking after them, playing with them and showing them the love they deserve. From this and my other babysitting experiences I know all about nappy changes, bathing/showering and cleaning them, cleaning up after ourselves, cooking and preparing meals necessary, playing games and outdoor actitvites i.e. sports they enjoy, putting them to bed and how to handle all emotions.

I know all children come from diferent backgrounds and all have diferent rules and how they are being brought up, so paience is always key. If the kid is missbehaving I will always approach the situation with patience and calmess and let them know what they are doing isnt okay and help them to stop. If the parents have certain rules I will always stick to them during my time there as well.

Obviously if the bad behaviour gets out of control, I will approach with a more serious matter, but hopefully that wont be needed a lot. Overall, I’m just excited to introduce a safe and fun enviroment to the children whilst under my care.

A little extra information on myself is when I leave school my path I want to take is university. Since I can remember I have always wanted to be a primary school teacher and that is still the case. I am so excited for my future as a primary school teacher.

My main hobby would be dancing. I have been dancing since 2 years old and I just love it. Others would include travelling, going to the beach, watching afl (freo dockers of course), being outdoors and as a young girl shopping of course.

Babysitter | Kalisha

Hi, I’m Kalisha, born and raised in the UK of Jamaican heritage and have called Perth home for the last 5 years.

I have extensive experience as a language teacher as well as 2 years experience in OSHC and most recently have been working in early years.

I enjoy reading stories with the younger children and playing boardgames and completing puzzles with the older kids. I am happy to help with homework and prepare meals where needed.

In my spare time I enjoy travel and reading -I am a lifelong student at heart. I occasionally enjoy crochet and dressmaking.

Babysitter | Tanatswa (T)

Hi all, I’m T, a passionate Cert III educator with a strong background in caring for children.

With over 7 years of babysitting, daycare and OSHC club childcare experience, caring for children has been and continues to be a big part of my life. I first started working with children as a netball coach when I was 15 and it instantly felt like a match made in heaven.

In addition to my love for netball and sports, my other hobbies include reading as well as baking/cooking.

I’m here to help out with all things care. Whether that be ensuring a safe entertainment area, being a playtime buddy, helping out with homework, getting the kids ready for the daytime or nighttime, and even lending a hand where needed around the house.

I have experience with children as young as 6months to primary school age, so if you’re looking for a trustworthy and dedicated babysitter, I’d love to connect with you.

Babysitter | Meg

Hello parents, Meg here.

I have been a carer nanny for many years in New Zealand and Australia, caring for children aged 5 months – teenagers. I take pride in my work and provide a loving, educational and fun environment to all of the children I cross paths with on my journey.

Having recently moved to Perth and signed up with Babysitters on Demand, I hope to build strong relationships with families in and around my local area. I believe in positive communication and wish to help out in as many ways possible to assist in the smooth running of your household.

I am qualified in Early Childhood Care and Education level 3 and I hold current first aid.

In my spare time I am a dedicated puppy mum, we enjoy exploring the beauty that WA has to offer.

Thanks for taking the time to read a little bit about me and I look forward to meeting you.

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