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Trusted by Perth mums, dads and other service providers since 2010, Babysitters on Demand delivers bespoke and budget-friendly babysitting and nanny services to families in need of extra care for their kids.

You can scroll down the page to view their profiles and find the perfect sitter for your needs. If you have a preferred sitter in mind, please feel free to contact us directly at info@babysittersondemand.com.au to make arrangements. Rest easy knowing that your child(ren) will be in good hands with our trusted caregivers.

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Management Team

Lia Ursich | Founder & Operations Manager

Lia is the accomplished Founder and Operations Manager of Babysitters on Demand, a premier childcare agency catering to busy parents. With over 18 years of experience in the childcare and community sectors, Lia possesses a wealth of knowledge and skills that have proven invaluable to her clients.

Lia’s extensive qualifications include diplomas in Children Services and Community Services, as well as practical experience in both regional and metropolitan daycare centers. Furthermore, her exceptional business acumen, honed over a decade of experience in administration, management, and marketing, has allowed her to create a robust foundation for Babysitters on Demand.

At Babysitters on Demand, Lia and her team are dedicated to providing exceptional childcare services that meet the unique needs of modern families. Whether you need a reliable nanny for your infant or a trustworthy sitter for your school-age child, Babysitters on Demand has got you covered.

So, if you’re a busy parent in need of high-quality childcare services, look no further than Babysitters on Demand. With Lia and her team at the helm, you can rest assured that your child is in safe and capable hands.

Chris Fenton, Administrator

Chris Fenton | Admin, HR & Marketing Support

Chris is an accomplished administrator with extensive experience in administrative and government roles as well as most recently running her own small business. She understands the importance of supporting others in life and work and is ready to provide that support in her role with Babysitters on Demand.

Babysitter & Nanny Team

babysitter | Sharni

I’m Sharni, a dedicated childcare professional since 2002. With extensive experience, I have a knack for effortlessly lulling even the most stubborn little ones to sleep.

Over the past two decades, I’ve honed my skills in caring for children of all ages. I organise creative activities, educational games, and engaging indoor/outdoor play. I also take children on exciting outings to the zoo, museum, or swimming adventures. I’m well-versed in answering their curious questions about superheroes, marine life, and fun topics like being made of watermelon.

Collaborating closely with parents, I prioritise children’s growth and social development, providing tailored attention and age-appropriate activities.

Empathy and kindness are my foundations in childcare. I create a warm and nurturing environment, fostering a love for reading and imaginative play.

When not working, I enjoy reading, the beach, and spending time with my bossy cat!

If you’re seeking a reliable and engaging babysitter, contact us today. Let’s discuss how Sharni can bring calm and joy to your family’s life.

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