Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Babysitters on Demand. By submitting a request or booking a babysitter, carer, or nanny with us, you agree to the following terms and conditions. For any inquiries or further clarification, please contact us at info@babysittersondemand.com.au.


  1. Contractual Agreement

1.1. Legal Agreement: These Terms and Conditions form a legally binding agreement between you (the “Client”) and Babysitters on Demand (“we,” “us,” or “our”), operated by Lia Ursich, ABN: 95 415 300 967, trading as “Babysitters on Demand.”

1.2. Contact: Reach us via email at info@babysittersondemand.com.au for any queries.

1.3. Acceptance: By completing a booking request form or confirming a service via email, you acknowledge and agree to these Terms and Conditions.

1.4. Definitions:

– “Client”: The individual or family using our services.

– “Babysitter/Carer/Nanny”: Individuals introduced to the Client by us.

– “Terms and Conditions”: The rules governing the provision of our services.

1.5. Agreement: The signing of the intake form, you confirm your agreement to these Terms.

1.6. Non-Acceptance: If you disagree with any part of these terms, please refrain from using our services.


  1. Client Obligations

2.1. Confidentiality: All communications are confidential. Disclosure to third parties is prohibited unless legally required.

2.2. Booking Protocol: Book directly through Babysitters on Demand.

2.3. Prohibition on Direct Bookings: Direct bookings with our staff are forbidden, and violations may result in charges.

2.4. Minimum Booking: A minimum of 3 hours per booking, payable in full. For all casual booking. For all other bookings (before and after school care, Nanny, regular carer the minimum booking is 2 hours)

2.5. Payment Method: No cash payments to babysitters. All payments must be processed through our service provider.

2.6. Upfront Fees: All fees are payable in advance to confirm bookings.

2.7. Payment Options: Payments are accepted via direct deposit or through our secure online payment system.

2.8. Safe Environment: Provide a safe, hygienic environment for our staff. For live-in roles, appropriate accommodation and insurance are required.

2.9. Feedback Mechanism: Accumulation of negative feedback may lead to service termination.

2.10. Notification of Extension: Inform us immediately of any extension of services to adjust fees accordingly.

2.11. Disclosure of Third-Party Introductions: Failure to disclose third-party introductions may lead to full charges.

2.12. Exclusive Bookings: Our staff are prohibited from making exclusive bookings outside of our service provider.


  1. Pricing and Payments

3.1. Currency: All transactions are in Australian Dollars.

3.2. Upfront Payment Requirement: All fees, including sourcing and admin fees, must be paid upfront to Babysitters on Demand to secure your booking.

3.3. Booking Fee: Non-refundable booking fees apply.

3.4. Refunds: Specific booking fees are refundable under certain conditions with a deduction. Before and after school care, regular babysitting, and nanny roles incur a booking fee, refundable with a 15% deduction if placement is unsuccessful.

3.5. Custom Quotes: Services are priced based on individual requirements.

3.6. Confirmation: Written confirmation is required to secure services.


  1. Cancellation Policy

4.1. Cancellation Fees: Fees apply based on the timing of cancellation. Cancellation within 8 hours of the start time incurs a fee equivalent to 3 hours of the sitter’s time and the booking fee. Cancellation with more than 8 hours’ notice incurs the same fee. Cancellation with 24 hours’ notice results in a full refund, less the booking fee.

4.2. Employee Cancellation: Efforts will be made to find replacements, but are not guaranteed.

4.3. Holiday Coverage: Replacement attempts will be made during employee holidays.

4.4. Termination Rights: Immediate termination of services if our staff face mistreatment or unsafe conditions.

  1. Guarantee
    5.1. Service Guarantee: While we endeavor to meet your request, we cannot always guarantee the availability of a babysitter, carer, or nanny.
    5.2. Replacement: We strive to provide the same babysitter, carer, or nanny unless circumstances such as illness or leave require a suitable replacement.
  2. Liability

6.1. Background Checks: We conduct thorough background checks, including first aid certification, police clearance, and checks for working with children.

6.2. Limitation of Liability: We disclaim liability for losses not caused by our breach or negligence. You indemnify us against claims exceeding our service terms.

  1. Privacy

7.1. Data Handling: We comply with the Australian Privacy Act 1988, ensuring the protection of personal information.

7.2. Security Measures: We take precautions to secure your data.


  1. Dispute Resolution

8.1. Mediation First: We aim to resolve disputes through mediation. Please contact us at info@babysittersondemand.com.au with full details.


  1. Jurisdiction

9.1. Governing Law: These terms are governed by the laws of Western Australia.

9.2. Jurisdiction Consent: Users agree to the jurisdiction of courts in Western Australia for disputes.


Babysitters on Demand reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time.

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